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Having a job you love matters

You are more than just a resume

The majority of us will spend most of our lives working. By age 48, we'll have held an average of 12 different jobs, and spent 47 hours a week working and saving for retirement. For something that takes up so much of our lives, shouldn't we love what we're doing?

Maybe you've tried to find that perfect job, and failed. You're not alone — last year, 40% of the unemployed had completely given up on their search. The game seems rigged against you:

  • Job websites that make you painfully enter in all your information from your resume
  • Applications that take hours to fill out, only to never hear anything back
  • Recruiters that spam you, or pursue you aggressively and start pressuring you to accept jobs you aren't interested in
  • Career advice from "professional hiring coaches" that contradicts itself in every other blog post

It is a frustrating process and we can't blame you for being cynical.

That's why we built TrueJob.

Don't search for a job, match one

Unparalleled filtering

Most job search websites allow you to search by job title and a location — but these can depend on many factors. With TrueJob's question and tagging system we help you filter jobs by many criteria in an easy and intuitive way.

Advanced Algorithms

Music apps can predict what we want to hear, and dating websites know who we want to meet. Why not do the same for job search? With TrueJob, we use these types of algorithms and incorporate hundreds of factors to match you with jobs.

Matches sent to you

TrueJob can send you notifications if we find jobs we think match you — meaning you never have to worry about missing your dream job posting.

Signing up is not a job

Quick sign up

TrueJob knows your time is valuable - so we don't ask a bunch of questions upfront. Signing up is as easy as entering an email and password, and answering 5 basic questions about your job preferences.

Automated as much as possible

Once you sign up, we make it easy to fill out your profile. Let us autofill your profile from a LinkedIn URL, or fill it out yourself and we'll autocomplete everything we can for your convenience.

Web extensions to help you anywhere

Use our chrome extension to help you fill in your resume on any website on the web. If you need to create a resume, use one of our templates free of charge.

It doesn't stop here

Wherever you go, TrueJob goes as well

TrueJob looks great on all screens. Use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Wherever you go, TrueJob goes as well.

Be reminded of your options

Even if you are already employed, we can find opportunities you might not have considered that could be a great next stepping stone.

Making your job search our job

We're constantly improving TrueJob and adding features. If you think this is all that can change in job search, just wait what to see we have coming next.

Start finding your dream job