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You need a job board to succeed

A job board is a must have for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs), Trade Associations, and Chambers of Commerce.

Not all job boards are created equal. Choose a solution that requires minimal administration and provides analytics to demonstrate your organization's impact.

Triangle representing our three stakeholders - employers, job seekers, and communities

A job board built with EDOs and Trade Associations in mind

Successful Launch

Just adding a job board to your website isn't enough - you need to promote it, support it, and curate it.

TrueJob's implementation process and promotional campaign template ensure a successful launch of your job board.

Data that matters

Demonstrate your effectiveness with the built-in job statistics and analytics featured on your TrueJob dashboard.

Your member companies can use their own analytics dashboards to track the effectiveness of their job postings.

Extra Support

Smaller companies without advanced recruiting tools can use TrueJob's Applicant Tracking Module to manage their candidate evaluation and interview process.

Give your members the job board they deserve.